The 30 Best Manhwa Of All Time

Complex characters and complex relationships in a college setting. This classic manhwa follows model student Hong Seol, who returns to her studies after a long break. Unfortunately, she gets ensnared in a delicate relationship with “Mr. If you want to try romantic manhwa but cringe at the thought of soapy scenes in dime-a-dozen stories, the OG webtoon Cheese in the Trap should be a good appetizer. Weed’s tale in the VRMMORPG, Royal Road, was fraught with danger, exciting fights, and, most importantly, chances of earning money. Weed, or Lee Hyun IRL, is actually a penny-pinching god-rank gamer.
The manhwa is about Sung Jinwoo, a rank E hunter dubbed as ‘humanity’s weakest.’ Jinwoo climbs up the strength ladder and becomes humanity’s hope. While SIU isn’t exactly Eiichiro Oda, the massive world-building integrated into the storyline is reminiscent of One Piece. And the plotlines are well-written and, most importantly, resolved. Every fighting chapter is well-made, with combat scenes executed well. But what separates TGOH from the beloved old anime is the introduction of borrowed powers from the world’s known supernatural beings.
มังงะ But as Dongtae rejoices at the prospect of winning his crush’s attention and climbing the social ladder, word gets out about the magical cube, complicating Dontae’s life even further. Accompanying this enticing storyline, the artwork perfectly balances a sense of mystery with straight and clear delivery for an exciting reading experience. The main character of Wind Breaker, Jay, not only gets perfect grades but is also the student body president. He spends his time focusing on his studies and is on a straight and narrow path to what he has been taught is success. But that’s only until he is roped into joining the school’s biking team — the Hummingbird Crew — where he discovers that there is more to life than textbooks and equations. With sleek artwork and a seriously addictive storyline, Wind Breaker will have you racing through the chapters while delivering a healthy motivational boost to brighten anyone’s day.
And if you’re a fan of anime, there’s an excellent adaptation available with an equally excellent original soundtrack. Originally published as a web novel and later serialized, the wildly popular take on the hero origin story by the name of Solo Leveling (Only I Level Up) is beloved for good reason. This highly addictive supernatural monster-slaying tale offers both mystery and intrigue in tandem with complex worldbuilding and an endlessly unpredictable plot. It’s hardly a wonder that this has been booked for webtoon, game, and drama adaptations.
It might look lifeless at a glance, but the pulsing dread and adrenaline are tangible and alive on every page. People suddenly turn into monsters reflecting their innermost desires. Unfortunately, Hyun isn’t an exception, and he starts showing symptoms of monsterization.
With the story broken up into three seasons, there is plenty to read. Anyone looking for a beautiful LGBTQ+ romance should check out Her Tale of Shim Chong and lose themselves in this beautiful story. This manhwa, which was inspired by an old Korean folktale, is full of relatable characters and incredibly romantic moments. No matter how old you are, it’s never too early to start reading fantasy — especially with so many incredible works out there!
Inside he encounters many threats and challenges, but also incredible allies. Taking on the name Jamie Welton, he still has all of his memories from his past life and still maintains his classic personality. Now, he seeks to get revenge on the twelve gods who cast him away for tens of thousands of years. Rai awakens from an 820-year sleep to realize the world had changed drastically.
In The Boxer, a young man with raw talent asks himself whether he has what it takes to make it to the top. There’s more to it than just physical strength and endurance — it will take precision, a whole lot of heart, and a dogged determination to achieve perfection. It’s the test of a lifetime, and readers will be knocked out by JH’s ability to capture the sport of boxing in superfluid detail, while making them root for the dynamic cast of characters.
If you’ve grown tired of the West’s graphic novels and Japan’s mangas, you can try Korea’s new brightly-colored digital imports. In the 1990s, the ban on Japanese media was lifted, which helped to influence the present-day art and styles of contemporary Manhwa. Around this time was when Manhwa had come up in North Korea as well. Then in the early 2000s, the majority of Manhwa was transferred to online sources due to economic collapse that South Korea had experienced at the end of the millennium. Because of its transfer to online sources, its popularity overseas has risen. มังงะ This led to the South Korean search portal to launch LINE Webtoon, a platform for distributing online Manhwa.
The first season starts off with Jihan Han, a normal high school student who, instead of being drawn into a game, discovers that his own world is taking on video-game qualities. The 2010 romantic drama Cheese In the Trap is among the OG legends of webtoons, and it’s continuing to touch the hearts of millions of readers year after year. And if you won’t take it from us, then know that this evergreen story has seen both a movie adaptation and a live-action drama. The readability and left-to-right orientation of manhwa contributed to its growing popularity, as did the realism of the characters and the combination of Eastern and Western styles and mythologies. It doesn’t create a complex new world like other manhwa do, but it still puts a twist on a regular high-school romance.
Webtoons or manhwa, the Korean counterpart of manga, have finally earned their place in the comic echelons, a spot dominated by Western comic artists and Japanese mangakas. This gem of a manhwa is one of the longest-running manhwa out there. Anyone who has watched the anime and wants to know more about Bam’s story should read it.
By the mid 1920s, most newspapers were shut down,[13] and political and social cartoons were abandoned, replaced by humorous illustrations and cartoons geared towards children. For those who enjoy harem anime and manga, then this series is sure to get them interested. While Wild’s High has a 42-year history as a private fighting school for girls only, it recently became a mixed-gender school.

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